What exactly is Lotus System?

The Lotus Platform iis a remarkable Japanese sculpture https://dominohive.com/raven-by-lotus designed by artistichan Usui. It consists of 4 black crystalline sponges that are connected together by a silver sequence. The black crystals for the surface from the lotus platform are a reference to the Juggernaut himself, in an attempt to create a great illusion of spiritual interconnection. Usui made this work of art over a eight year period, during which he spent nearly a thousand hours working on it. During this time he also received numerous awards and realization for his work.

The foundation The Lotus Platform is definitely the quote caused by both Buddha and Mom Goddess, written by Thich Nhat Hanh inside the Angkor Watchers Report. The quote says: When the suitable man possesses achieved the impossible, the goddess huge smiles upon him. In Usui’s case, this really is translated simply because: When you obtain the extremely hard, the goddess also happiness upon you. The lotus flower can now be seen as the goddess launching the boundless energy in the lotus flower on to the platform where the artist will lay statues of family pets and people that reflect the life they led.

The that lotus tub can be placed close to a Buddha statue to enhance the connection between the two. It is also incorporated into an Indianangkor Watchers’ practice to help defend the specialit and the congregation at an early stage within their spiritual production. A lotus platform might also be placed on top of the wooden elephants to represent the earth, and to offer protection against malignant spirits. It will be easy to make one of those structures exclusively for yourself, as a present out of a loved one. All of the lotus information are typically very small, around 5cm high, so if you are creating one for yourself consider whether it’s going to be practical and if it will be qualified to fit in the space that it is likely to be displayed in.

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